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Mgr. Miroslav Klanica

works in advocacy since the year 2000, first as a clerk and since April 2004 as an independent attorney. In relationship to his clients Mgr. Miroslav Klanica prefers individual approach to their legal issues and offers them not only his expert legal knowledge, but also the knowledge of the legal environment as a whole. Pushing through the legitimate interests of his clients Mgr. Miroslav Klanica closely cooperates with the Enforcement office of the city of Brno, with the court bailiff JUDr. Vít Novozámský, and the Enforcement office in Břeclav, with the court bailiff Mgr. Marcela Petrošová. It has to be said, that at resolving legal issues and other problems that are being brought by our dynamic times, it wouldn̒t be possible to succeed without a close cooperation with other specialists, attorneys or experts from non-legal professions, for example tax advisors. That̒s why, Mgr. Miroslav Klanica also closely cooperates with other attorneys or experts from related professions resident in Brno and throughout the whole Czech Republic. © 2010