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The prices of legal services of attorney Mgr. Miroslav Klanica

The price of legal services is on individual basis and it is deduced from the performance of a legal service, according to expert knowledge and time requirements. Its final estimation should also take in consideration the value of the proceeded case. The amount of the attorney̒s remuneration is always set in function to be acceptable for the client and adequate to concerns listed above.

The legal services are mainly provided on a basis of a contractual fee settled in an agreement of providing legal assistance between a  lawyer and a client, eventually the legal rate may be applicable, in conformity with the Ministry of Justice Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of lawyers for providing legal services. In addition the lawyer is entitled to be paid the so-called overhead fee and other compensation pursuant, in conformity with the Decree No. 177/1996 Coll. (PDF). The statutory rate (VAT) is added to the cost of a legal service too.

Simple consultancy services or cases that cannot be evaluated in a  different way, are estimated with a basic hourly rate CZK 2.000 per hour. This rate, according to the character of a matter, can be reduced to half, using a foreign language or a foreign law, also in complicated cases the hourly rate may be increased up to threefold.
In case of a  long-term cooperation it is possible to negotiate regular and specific reductions or a predetermined flat rate fee.
Representing in civil proceedings generally follows the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 484/2000 Coll. (PDF), which sets a flat rate of the amount of remuneration for representing of a party by a lawyer in case of decision of compensation of expenses in civil proceedings. © 2010